Frequently Asked Questions

Who can drive on this tour?

You have to be at least twenty-one years of age or older and be able to prove that you have owned a bike for 2-4 years in order to ride. This is a very well organized group trip. 14-days, 2400 miles (3700 km) with countless highlights! We travel at a comfortable speed, between 60 and 70 mph (95-110 km/h), so you should be a good driver with experience or it might be stressful for you and the other drivers.

Are the admission fees already included in the price?

Since each person can decide what he or she wants to see, the admission fees are not included in the price.

How much money do I have to calculate for breakfast and dinner during the tour?

I have personally selected all restaurants on my tours and my customers have always been satisfied. Especially, because the price/quality ratio always is right. The plates are always quite full and the service is top consistently 🙂
‘American Breakfast’ with 2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and coffee runs at 7-10 dollars in average.
Dinner is somewhere between 12 and 18 dollars. A typically American dinner then consists of steak, burger, spare rips with , etc. Correspondingly, you ought to budget approximately 30 dollars per day for food. If it is less, even the better:-)

Is the cost of gasoline included in the price?

Yes, the Gas Price is included.

What clothing should I bring?

The weather is usually very temperate, but can fluctuate throughout the tour, so bring layers of clothing and you should be fine.

Do you need a raincoat?

It seldom rains so you will probably not need one, but I’ll leave it up to you.

Do I have to bring my own motorcycle clothing and helmet?

You can borrow motorcycle clothing at no cost. However, if you already have some of your own and you feel comfortable, bring it with you. We do recommend that you bring motorcycle glasses for evening rides.

Do I have to provide my own beverages on the road?

In our van there will be alcohol-free drinks for you at no cost throughout the whole tour and in the evening. NO more free Budweiser..

What should I do if I would like to take a day off?

If you are the passenger, you do have the option to drive in the van for a certain length of time.

What kind of insurance do I need?

You might want to consider additional liability insurance and travel health insurance.

How much money should I bring along?

Except for tips, a drink at the saloon or a snack at the gas station, you will not need cash. Large bills (starting at $50) are not always accepted, so rather bring 20-dollar bills. More important is a credit card, preferably a MasterCard or VisaCard. These are accepted anywhere and also required as security deposit for the motorbikes. US$ travellers checks are treated like cash. € travellers checks, however, are difficult to cash. Definitely observe the euro exchange rate against the dollar, and only exchange cash when it is at its highest. Do not bring too much cash in euro because it is problematic and sometimes impossible to exchange it at local banks. Bring your EC-card, which allows you to withdraw money at ATM machines up to $800 per day for a maximum fee of $2-4. Much better:-)
About the tip: remember that the wait staff in the US are paid through tips. A minimum of 15% should be added to the final bill. Ich I know this is unusual in many places, but here in the US, this is how it is. “In Rome do as the Romans do”! Wherever we go, we are all very well served and warmly welcomed (JC has been known for many years:-)).
You also should leave a tip of 1 dollar per person a night in the hotel room for the cleaning staff. Please be so kind.

If I intend to prolong my journey or arrive earlier, is it also possible to reserve the motorbike, a rental car and add extra hotel nights?

Yes, of course, that is no problem. My advice or recommendation is to plan your arrival one or two days earlier because of the time difference (9 hours), if this fits your vacation schedule; and then add two days or however much time you have at your disposal after the motorbike tour. The hotel is located barely one mile from Venice beach and Santa Monica can also be reached quickly. There you will find the world famous 3rd Street Promenade, nice restaurants, shopping malls, etc.
Simply contact JC briefly and discuss all what you have on your mind!

What is included?

The price includes:

  • All overnight accommodations including (some breakfast)
  • The rental of the motorcycle including all taxes, unlimited mileage, and liability insurance.
  • Admission fees to the National State Parks and Bridges.

 The price does not include:

  • Cancellation insurance and health insurance.
  • Cost of gasoline.

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