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When I was a young boy in Wuppertal, Germany, I originally owned a regular motorcycle but it wasn’t long before I fell in love with Harley Davidson. As a faithful biker, I dreamt of exploring the famous Route 66 in the States, but for a time my life took a different turn. I focused on sports and fitness and, when I was twenty-five, opened my own fitness studio. The fitness studio took great time and commitment, but every spare moment you knew where to find me. I would be out cruising on my Harley! A few years passed…but the dream of exploring America did not.

Work hard. Play hard.

As you can see from my detailed travel plan, my tours are extremely well organized and no details have been overlooked. I’ve led over 150 tours. So come…ride, relax and take in the depth and breadth of California, Nevada & Arizona on the famous Route 66. It would be my pleasure to guide you!

Jörg Cremer
Jörg Cremer

Owner JC-Biketravel

Rockstar since 2003

During the summer of 2002, I participated in my first guided Harley tour through the US. This experience changed my life in countless ways. Back in Germany, I thought it through carefully, and made a decision. I would sell my fitness studio, travel on a couple more Harley tours through the US, Australia and New Zealand and move to Los Angeles to establish my own company. In 2003, I did just that, and JC-Bike Travel, Inc. was born.

Ever since then, I’ve been busy!

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Have you always wanted to travel the western US by motorcycle?   If so, we’ve developed an amazing trip that will guide you through this land of diversity and natural phenomenon while highlighting the glamour of the big cities as well. The Grand Canyon, Vegas, San Francisco and Palm Springs are only a few of the famous stops we will visit while touring through California, Nevada & Arizona. Experience the freedom of the west directly from the saddle of a Harley Davidson and ride – enjoying the seemingly endless countryside – with a great group of bikers like yourself.

You will leave the Wild Wild West with an unforgettable impression and want to come back and visit again for sure!

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Jc-Biketravel is a 100% Professional Motorcycle Guided touring company usa since 2003, renting all  types of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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